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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT – Our exclusive service – Team Skills Management by Skillspeak is up and running and available to assist your Nominations Committee. This gives you a far better understanding of “skills held” and “skills missing” in your team. Learn more.

Board Assessments, expressly designed to improve your performance

Seeking the best method for continuous improvement of your board’s performance?
Needing to meet your regulator’s requirement to have performance and competency assessed annually?


Whether it was your intention, or simply comes as a bonus to meeting your legal requirements, your board’s performance WILL improve when you use Governance Park by Skillspeak.
Make sure you are receiving the original service as invented and pioneered here, because no other offering comes close to providing the rigour built in to our method – performance improvement, not just assessment.

Then read on.

Much more than the regulator minimum requirements – for much less time and effort

Our assessments are backed by vast knowledge of the metrics process, and of the quality improvement and performance standards required of a board. All boards assessed using this unique method have had favourable acceptance of the process by their regulators.
However, even if performance improvement is not your prime motivation, improvement will occur, as a very welcome bonus.
After years of focus on compliance and business protection, it is time for boards to turn their attention to continuously improving the organisations they oversee. Good strategies, healthy marketing – and especially profit generation and cost reduction – are all among the goals you’ll be able to pursue as improvement develops.
So board performance improvement is what we are all about – and we have taken this science to a new level of maturity and depth.

What is it that qualifies our “BEST SOLUTION” status?

We conduct your annual internal assessment through a comprehensive, automated analysis, to relieve you of an onerous, time-consuming task.
BUT THAT’S JUST OUR STARTING POINT we then go on to deliver your assessment with significant added value that you cannot get elsewhere.

What we can do for you:

  • Scope of value services

    • Providing you with a comprehensive set of starter measurement standards, readily customisable to your needs.
    • Delivering assessments, not only for the board as a whole, but also for each director, the CEO, the Chair, each separate committee, and additional members of the senior management team as requested.
  • The alchemy of converting subjectivity into objectivity

Actually converting subjective opinions into objective assessments and including qualitative, anonymous comments along with a complete suite of quantitative results.

  • Work with your external consultants/advisors/auditors

Making your results available on request to your chosen consultant, should you require follow-on facilitation of action plan preparation. Using our reports to inform your chosen consultant is like your doctor using an MRI or X-Ray image. They help your specialist to do a significantly better job for you.

  • Benchmarking

    • Benchmarking your organisation with a separate ranking for each measurement used, to place you in one of five world classifications, result by result.
    • Setting you a dynamically calculated target for each measurement, so you can stretch to exceed current best practice by your peer boards.
  • Specialised performance measurement and competency assessment

Applying a separate, purpose-built proprietary tool (also invented here) to assess your skills/competencies position. We recognise there are very real differences between measurement of skills learnt and individual performance. It is for this reason that we have provided an industrial strength solution to readily analyse the relative skills and competencies status for each individual or team assessed.

  • Privacy

Protecting each and every individual participant with the ultimate in privacy provisions. This is part of the basic fabric built into the tool, as assurance that no other person will see your performance results at all unless you expressly permit it.

  • Time Pressure Relief

Using less than two hours of each participant’s time – in recognition of the information overload and time constraints experienced by board members.

  • Exclusive Competency Management Service

    • Analysing evident competency gaps for individuals, and then taking the analysis of personal skills gaps further, by reporting on gaps at the team level as well. This allows boards to know what the team is missing, so plans can be made to fill each void.
    • Supporting this is our unparalleled Team Skills Dependency Report. A world first feature, it maps the skills offered by individuals to the team against the relative degree to which the board is depending on these. Skill imbalances become immediately detectable, and this early advice makes it possible to plan to restore a skills balance. This protects the team against the subsequent loss of a particular director and all of the skills being exclusively held by that director.
    • For the first time anywhere, providing a confidential briefing report for your Nominations Committee, enabling it to more accurately determine true suitability of prospective directors to sit on your board.

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