An advanced software tool for complete human resources management, Skillspeak delivers the ability to fully manage all intellectual assets held by current staff in an organisation. This is particularly invaluable for medium to very large organisations.

Its inventor, Len Norman, has unparalleled expertise in this area. At a time when he had responsibility for resource deployment in a large international organisation, he developed the tool he needed then E2?? because nobody else had.

Since then, including further refinements and additions, he has made Skillspeak the full function solution for the development and deployment of people in an organisation. This software is designed for direct use by those who face the challenge of effectively utilising human resources to achieve the business goals of today E2?? and tomorrow.


The power of the software and methodology is awesome; it is the easiest to use software I have ever worked with. It is a reports suite that is used and useful, rather than just lining cupboards. Skillspeak is software that thinks like I think, and seems to anticipate my needs.