About Conquest Consulting


Conquest Consulting Director, Len Norman, spent 33 years in the corporate world, where he established a reputation for innovation in diverse areas such as the management of Education, Call Centres, Software Development and Human Resources. Earlier in his career, his direct support of customers for a major multinational services company earned him an extraordinary, personal congratulatory letter from the Chairman of the Board in New York.

Len is an internationally recognised expert in the fields of People Development, Skills Management and Resource Deployment. He has invented several tools and processes that, where applied, create substantial, positive business impacts. His flagship product, Skillspeak, represents the most powerful, yet easy-to-use tool ever devised to manage structured people development.

Three defining events were significant in helping to identify the need for this tool:

  • Len co-invented a skills management tool, LiSSEN, which was commercialised in North America (under another name), receiving favourable mention from the Gartner Group in the 1990s.
  • He invented FAMOUS, a reporting suite used to draw useful information from a comprehensive skills management methodology by linking skills held with appropriate demographics.
  • He was the Skills Management Implementation Manager for a major multinational services company.

Len is also the author of the courses E2??Professionalism for PROFITE2?? and E2??Fiduciary DutyE2??, and the inventor of several insightful business games. He served for 8 years on the Board of Intech Credit Union Limited.


Skillspeak was invented to give life to LenE2??s motto, which underlines an ideal for all work in all organisations: E2??Work evaporates in the hands of an expertE2??. This has led to the main objective of his development company, Conquest Consulting: simply creating experts.

Drawing on LenE2??s vast experience, Conquest Consulting was set up to help organisations manage their intellectual resources. To do this, we utilise the science of Talent Management Forensics (TMF), with solutions delivered exclusively by Skillspeak.

These include:

  1. Resource Deployment
  2. Opportunity Management
  3. Career Planning
  4. Succession Planning
  5. Training Needs Analysis
  6. Skills Inventory
  7. Skills Gap Analysis
  8. Peer Review Performance Assessments
  9. Team Skills Analyses
  10. Team Dependencies Analyses

Skillspeak may be used to achieve all of the above, and more. It is the most comprehensive and advanced tool in the field of Human Capital. Along with its functional power, it is also world class in terms of ease of use and user friendliness.