Skillspeak stands out from all the other subjective solutionsThe need for Skillspeak has evolved from a recognition that a simple skills matrix will not help an organisation or an individual to improve their skills over time. A matrix will not answer the question “what can you do? and “to what level of attainment?”. After all, it is only the answer to these questions that will determine if the skill needs of any piece of work will be fulfilled.

Not only will Skillspeak record the achievement of a required level of expertise, but it will also help to avoid costly over-skilling when the full requirements of a position can be satisfied. Should further development be required, driven by future acceptance of increased responsibility, it can be scheduled and tracked accordingly.

The long-term lack of this objective measurement approach to skills management, has led to a plethora of subjective methods. It’s time to embrace the new objectivity.

With the implementation of a Skillspeak solution, you will be able to answer questions such as –

Is the workforce skills-ready?

Have we recruited the right candidate/s?

Which questions should I be asking this next candidate in the interview?

What are the largest skills gaps across the divisions?

Where are we showing the greatest excess compared to required skills?

Am I able to find the right resource in a quick search?

Am I able to rank candidates for jobs requiring complex combinations of skills?

In my search, am I able to consider possibilities for near matches?

How are skill levels trending for key skills required in the organisation’s strategic plan?

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