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Conceptual symbol of multiracial human hands making a circle on white background with a copy space in the middleSkillspeak assessment metrics have a very significant place in the practice of assessing teams at all levels. Skillspeak pioneered the practice of applying accurate metrics to the task of providing objective feedback to teams.

Teams would not normally be able to enjoy unambiguous feedback from within. Those teams that choose either to trust an in-house assessment or a self-assessment method, deserve a new level of accuracy. In deploying a Skillspeak assessment, they will find a very different and far more revealing outcome.

Skillspeak assessments are conducted in the separate specialist areas of Performance and Skills. We have determined that “peer review” is the only reliable method of accessing the unbiased truth about performance. Also, whilst a single individual’s opinion of skills held can be sometimes reliable in its own right, their opinion of the level of attainment will always be better verified by their peers.

A unique and exclusive suite of reports is provided that will allow all teams to either verify their skills and performance are fit for purpose or else they can embark on a fruitful campaign to better represent their performance and skills to lift the perception they enjoy from their peers.

Those charged with enhancing the overall competency of the team and those managing team renewal will be assisted by the Skillspeak exclusive dependency reporting.

For the long-term success of your team, book an assessment with Skillspeak without delay.

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