Skillspeak Welcomes Job Services Providers

Skillspeak is a full-function tool for the advanced management of talent and enables the harnessing of this precious resource. It delivers the new science of Talent Management Forensics (TMF).

Of particular interest to Job Services providers is Skillspeak’s powerful capability to support the recruitment process and the mass screening of candidates with skills to match against all available positions.

The service imperative of Skillspeak is not simply a job posting service. The real value offered is its unique ability to accurately perform job/skills matching by using the specific requirements of the job as the key arbiter and differentiator. The result is a better fit for the candidate and the job provider. The Skillspeak methodology is based on the creation of expertise. One of the best ways to achieve this is to give people the opportunity to work in positions that are an excellent fit for their particular skills. This gives them the best chance to be a living example of the Skillspeak work motto – Work Evaporates in the Hands of an Expert. Elsewhere on the site you can gain an appreciation of the broader capability of this exceptional tool.

Skillspeak can be implemented alongside your current business processes and deliver its benefits directly to your clients and stakeholders.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how to improve your productivity while bringing one of the most advanced “skills to job“ matching tools ever devised and offered to the recruitment and job seeking industry. Don’t delay.  Contact us now so you may commence the journey to job matching efficiency.