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Human Capital Management – where do you stand?

Simply select E2??yesE2?9D alongside any of the following statements which are true for your organisation. Then find your total number of ‘yes’ answers.

People will enrol on scheduled training, but frequently have to cancel at the last minute.
You spend money on training, but cannot see people working smarter as a result.
You do not know which competencies would bring in more revenue if only you had them.
Departments within your business do not freely share skilled people.
Market opportunities occur, but you sometimes do not have staff trained in time to take advantage of them.
You sometimes lose your best people, even after you have invested heavily in developing them.
You sometimes have to pay a premium rate to acquire staff with needed skills at short notice.
Your business plans are not closely balanced by your available skilled people resource, or you don’t know if they are.
You have some difficulty finding people with specific skills when needed.
Your people feel they are under pressure and overloaded.
You are losing some ground in a technical comparison with your competitors.
Costly errors and rework are on the increase.
Managers typically do not have time to meet with their staff regularly to discuss development needs.
You do not hear about training needs directly from staff.
People often need to do the work of other staff members in order to keep work flowing.


Score Diagnosis Action
0E2??1 Congratulations! You are one of the lucky ones. Keep up the good work. Be prepared to call on Skillspeak in case of emergency.
2-6 Warning. You should be getting much more out of your intellectual assets Call on Skillspeak to help soon.
7E2??12 Critical. Your business would absolutely benefit from better knowledge management. Call on Skillspeak to help immediately.
13E2??15 Please volunteer as a case study, because knowledge management could turn your organisation and its performance around completely. Leave your office without delay! ItE2??s probably bedlam there. DonE2??t return until you have engaged a Skillspeak study.