The Secret

What is the Charlie Chaplin Look-Alike Contest Conundrum?

Famously, and perhaps apocryphally, Charlie Chaplin mischievously entered a Chaplin look-alike contest in his own Little Tramp character, not revealing his true identity. He finished third!

How many of these sorts of results happen each and every day, with the contests conducted by hapless resource deployment managers?

It comes as no surprise that the most frequently applied question is ‘Who is available?’ rather than the far more appropriate, ‘Who represents the best fit of talent?’ This is because the information needed to drive these decisions is usually not readily available.

The two questions at the core of the resource management challenge are: ‘Who is the person that I’m considering for deployment?’ and ‘Who is the person I need them to be?’

Whether you manage Recruitment, Team Formation, Career Development and Promotion or merely need to find critical skills when you need them, the opportunities for business efficiency improvement are unlimited when we can get these micro-decisions right.

At last, Skillspeak has brought an end to the Charlie Chaplin Look-Alike Contest Conundrum.