Why use Skillspeak?

It is an inarguable fact that any given employee is carrying far more skills than are exercised in the day-to-day execution of their jobs. Often these additional skills are unknown to management.

Skillspeak is a knowledge framework that begins with the tracking of both tacit skills and specific job-related skills. Most employees will give their company and colleagues the benefit of extra knowledge much more readily than they will offer additional time. This provides scope to gain more value from your employees through what they know and can do for you.

From there, Skillspeak works for you in several powerful ways:

  • Creating expertise in current and future job-related skills
  • Unlocking all employee skills
  • Encouraging an “advice” culture, where people help each other when skills allow
  • Identifying gaps against all benchmarks that a typical company wishes to track
  • Providing guidance for people and their managers for personal development
  • Finding skills in excess of requirements, allowing matching with emerging opportunities
  • Bringing training budgets under control: either to realise significant savings; or to focus investment on crucial, business-payback training, planned well in advance of the need
  • Providing an unbroken link between the skills needed to achieve business plans and the identification of those skills throughout the organisation
  • Creating accurate succession planning based on competency requirements
  • Automating the recruitment process from a skills matching viewpoint, creating efficient, accurate short-lists and reducing dependence on resumes
  • Permitting smart resource deployment by allowing project teams to be selected by the best skills fit
  • Providing powerful searches for combinations of skills when needed urgently