UB The Judge is the most significant development yet in the support of people managing events where judging is involved. For far too long, whether you were hosting an event where a judging process is used, or simply been asked to be a judge, you will have experienced the relative chaos that occurred. Some of the concerns include :

  • Insufficient time to give fair attention to each entry
  • Inability to use potential judges not able to devote the entire time
  • Costs of travel to be present at the event
  • The need to overcome natural subjectivity
  • Using a process where judges need to confer and subsequently vary the results based on debate
  • Difficulty in assessing relative merit and differences where these may be finely defined
  • It is almost impossible to eliminate deliberate bias


As a contrast, In an event where the judging is managed by UB The Judge :


  • there is no need for judges to travel unless it is impossible to assess the entries online
  • not all judges need to see all entries
  • small amounts of time can be utilised where people are generally unavailable and can only devote a modest time slice
  • no judge needs to travel but will rather perform all judging from the screen at their home desk
  • judging experts anywhere in the world may be invited to judge the event
  • results are completely objective based on scores submitted and no single judge will know the result until finally announced: thus no conferring is needed nor encouraged
  • biased or unrepresentative scores are automatically eliminated


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