The great news is that those called on to judge events or indeed organise them, will soon have access to the most sophisticated process ever devised, to make their job so much easier but deliver results that are fairer than ever before. The article at this link underlines the problem.

The Sulman Prize, in particular, poses a unique problem in that it is traditionally judged by a single expert. This is fine, as the writer believes that the number of judges needed can be reduced by using genuine experts with a solid structure and guidance. In all other cases, where a number of judges participate, the new system eliminates all the problems traditionally faced. The task is also made more enjoyable but with less effort.

So read on and be enlightened.

UB The Judge will soon be launched from It brings a whole new deal for judges and judging coordinators. It provides a method and tool to manage the judging process by offering the following advantages –

  • Judges work independently to allocate scores for each agreed factor making up the total assessment
  • Not all judges need to assess all entrants allowing a far greater number of entrants to participate
  • Unrepresentative scores are automatically eliminated making the results the fairest possible
  • No single judge will know the final result until the winners are announced by the event organisers
  • No conferring by judges is necessary or recommended
  • Subject to the nature of the subject to be judged, the judges can be anywhere in the world where they can review an entry through online access to the submission
  • The process has been highly successfully used for the Global Enterprise Challenge where there is one entrant per country and the judges are anywhere in the world working in their own offices in their own time zones
  • On completion of the event and announcement of results all entrants will have instant access to a full report on their work from the judging panel

UB The Judge will revolutionise the entire judging experience fstarting with making the work of the judges simpler and more enjoyable. Event administrators and coordinators will have a greater level of control of the process, more reliable and accurate results and more satisfied entrants. A real bonus will be the elimination of criticism over the conduct of the judging process and results as announced.